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Friday, July 18, 2008

Amy Winehouse still looking awful

Amy Winehouse left her flat in London surrounded by a bunch of cameras. Here she is spotted out and about probably going to a crack house for some more crack. Her man Blake's sentence will be on Monday. If convicted he may spend 5 years in prison.



Can someone smack this bitch up on the side of the head to tell her to leave his crackhead ass?.

You know she was right in her song "Help Yourself":

I can't help ya if you won't help yourself
I can't help ya if you don't help yourself
You can only get so much from someone yeah
I can't help ya if you won't help yourself

I dont think anyone can get it through her head to get help. Shes going to have to want it herself. Does continuing to smoke cigarettes and drinking with emphysema sound like she wants help? I dont think so.

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