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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Verne Troyer Tries To Evict Ex-Girlfriend

Tiny movie star Verne Troyer is desperately trying to evict the ex-girlfriend who leaked his sex tape on the internet.

Troyer and aspiring actress Ranae Shrider hit headlines last month when an intimate video of them in bed together hit the World Wide Web. Shrider confessed to deliberately releasing the footage, claiming she acted in revenge after the Austin Powers star cheated on her.

However, Troyer insists he wasn't unfaithful - and reveals he is battling to kick Shrider out of his home. He tells Us Weekly, "I broke up with her because she couldn't trust me and thought I was cheating on her, which I never did. The sad part is, I have a house and she's still renting one of the rooms. She won't leave. I'm seeing if I can evict her."

Troyer is currently suing for posting a clip of the sex tape.


hahahha Shrider girl must have been desperate to screw a little person for publicity.
Seeking revenge because he cheated? Bitch please. She was in it all for the $$$$$$$$$