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Friday, July 18, 2008

Mischa Barton is sorry for being a drunk asshole

In the August issue of Nylon, Mischa Barton opened up about her DUI arrest from December 2007. Mischa said she is now deeply embarrassed over the incident.


“That was a low point for me. I never, ever would have thought I would be arrested,” Barton said.

“I was disappointed because it associated me with a group of girls that I would rather not be associated with. That was the biggest bummer for me – I didn’t leave my house. I was too embarrassed. They made such a big deal out of it with these other young actresses, that, for a little bit, I wanted to crawl into a hole and die.”

“It was a stupid thing to do,” Barton, who now lives in Paris said of driving under the influence. “But… I’ve done a lot to pay back for what I did.”


Bitch please. Shes only mad she got caught. If she really cared she wouldnt have done it in the first place. I wouldnt be surprised if she does it again.