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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Denise Richards: Still Battling Charlie Sheen in Court

Joined by her father Irv, Denise Richards was spotted leaving a Los Angeles, California courthouse Monday afternoon following another frustrating day of battling her ex-husband Charlie Sheen over custody of their two daughters.

According to Sheen’s attorney Fern Wender, the “Hot Shots” actor seems to be coming out on top, having retained his visitation rights with the girls. “We are very happy. The commissioner denied the majority of [Richard’s] motion. Charlie is thrilled with the result.”

Sheen’s publicist added, “Charlie only wants what is best for his young children. It is unfortunate that Richards and her attorney are trying to create a media circus to help her promote her reality television series.”

But Denise’s lawman Neal Hersh reported that his client was also pleased with the results, saying, “We are very pleased the judge took the time. We are very pleased. Denise will implement these orders and hopes Charlie will implement them. [Denise is] happy with the result. It’s all about the kids.”

denise richards court 210708

denise richards court 210708