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Monday, July 21, 2008

Madonna and Alex Rodriguez Sex Tape?

A report from the DailyStar is claiming that there is a cameraman who is trying to sell an Alex Rodriguez and Madonna sex tape for a cool $2 million.

But really, is there any better way to cash in on all this hype than with a sex tape???

According to the report from the Daily Star:

A sleazy cameraman is trying to flog a tape he alleges shows the singer romping with US baseball hunk Alex Rodriguez.

He is demanding a fortune for the footage he claims was shot with a hidden camera in an apartment allegedly used by the pair for secret afternoon trysts.

Last night Madonna’s lawyers said they were “aware” of the lensman’s claims but were not commenting.

Legal experts said there was no firm evidence the video existed.

In a series of emails fired off to media outlets, he alleged the footage was shot two months ago in an apartment owned by a pal of Madonna she knows through her devotion to the Kabbalah religion.

The video man – who is also a friend of the apartment owner – claimed he found out and secretly installed a hidden camera in the living room with the lens pointed at the sofa.

He alleged the footage he recorded showed the pop superstar romping with New York Yankees ace A-Rod.