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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Madonnas brother is an attention whore

Excerpts of Christopher Ciccone’s upcoming unauthorized biography on his sister Madonna have leaked, and ooo wee, homeboy must be pissed at his sister. Christopher, who was once a close confidant of Madonna, dished the dirty deets on practically every aspect of the singer’s life, in particularly her love life.

Christopher even went as low as to shame his niece Lourdes with the claim that Madonna wasn’t sure Lourdes’ father, Carlos Leon, had enough smart genes to pass onto their future offspring.

Madonna initially wanted basketball player Dennis Rodman to father her first child, her brother Christopher Ciccone reports in his new tell-all book.

The singer, now 49, also considered Melrose Place star John Enos, Ciccone claims, before she got pregnant with trainer Carlos Leon and gave birth to their daughter Lourdes in 1996.

Madonna, though, was “not sure [Carlos] fulfills the intelligence requirement” to father her child, Ciccone writes.

So if intelligence is such an important requirement, why would she choose Rodman to knock her up? If she wanted her baby to be good at, say, rebounding, than yeah, go with Rodman. But he isn’t exactly known for his intelligence–he flunked out of community college, for Christ’s sake.