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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nicole Kidman To Bring Sunday Rose To Australia

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are set to travel to Australia later this month so her family can meet Miss Sunday Rose. I am sure everyone is very excited to meet that little doll. But WHAT A FLIGHT for a newborn!

Then again, I guess newborn would be the best time to do it. They sleep the majority of the day and when they are awake, it's just to eat.

Keith Urban's mother said,

"He (Keith) called us and said the baby had arrived safely and everybody was really well, and we were totally thrilled. "They were very proud. You could hear it in his voice - it was just great. "(They will be visiting Australia) possibly at the end of this month. I believe they may be coming back at the end of the month."
When was the first time you took your child on a plane?